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Funding for Scriptwriters and Movie Producers | The Write Project Africa Film Fund 2021/2022

Deadline: May 31st, 2021

The Write Project Film Fund was created with the sole aim of promoting the development and production of professionally produced filmed entertainment in Africa for global exhibition. 

The two largest film industries in Africa currently contribute an aggregate of $1 billion to the continent’s annual GDP. Nollywood generates close to one million jobs, while the South African industry generates over 21,600.

Independent filmmakers face numerous challenges in financing and distributing their productions. The main goal of The Write Project is to boost Africa’s entrepreneurial creativity in the film industry by creating new jobs as the continent prepares for massive demographic waves. Our objective is to bring film investments and film projects to Africa, encourage the production of professional audiovisual works and promote international co-production.

The Write Project Film Fund is budgeted at $30 million annually. 

Formed in February 2020, The Write Project Film Fund is a subsidiary of PSP Media Capital which is spearheaded by its Managing Director Brian Wu. It’s a next-generation global media finance company that is backed by multiple angel investors based in Los Angeles, California; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Hong Kong, China; and Cape Town, South Africa.

Submissions are now open for applicants around the world to the following eligible projects: 

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films (Scripts & Concepts)
  • Documentaries (Scripts & Treatments)
  • TV Series (One-Hour Pilot Spec Scripts)
  • TV Series (Half-Hour Pilot) / Reality Concepts

How the FILM FUND works for Short Films?

We are looking for 15 – 30 aspirant filmmakers who will be offered the opportunity to develop a short-form script for production.

Whether you have a short-form script seeking production finance or just a story that has been burning inside of you, we want to consider it for our film fund.

With the rise in demand for high quality short content across new platforms and devices, and the increased industry importance placed on short filmmaking worldwide, we’re honoring the art of narrative short-form screenwriting as well as short-form documentary content.

The focus of developing short scripts is to get them produced in order to highlight the writer’s skill. The short film is considered a stepping stone to making a feature. It builds your portfolio; it showcases your style, and supercharges your career.

The Write Project is offering production funding twice per year to talented filmmakers for short films that display originality, vision and exceptional potential.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE.

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