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Pitch Your Climate Story & Win 150 Euros

Deadline: Ongoing

Climate Tracker is inviting journalists to pitch their climate change story. As climate change worsens and global carbon emissions keep increasing, how is your country reacting to this crisis? How are people in local communities being affected by climate shocks? What role are climate policies playing?

Climate change is a global issue, capable of amplifying existing inequalities. But, as the global temperature rises, not all climate stories are being told with equal representation, particularly in developing countries.
If you’re a young journalist looking to publish one of these climate stories, they want to introduce you to their new pitching guide. They are looking for stories about climate impacts, solutions, policies and science from all over the world.

What Type of Story are they Looking for?

They are interested in new stories from your own agenda. They are not looking for breaking news or press releases. They are also not looking for opinion pieces. Instead, they want to tell original stories that are going unnoticed.

  • Feature story: Yours is a story from the first line of the climate crisis. They want to tell the story of the people impacted and the complex reasons behind those climate impacts. They also want to fiscalize people in power and their climate policy decisions. For these types of stories, you should aim for a feature.
  • Explainer: Climate change is a complex issue. They want to take a complex issue, analyse it and explain the different ways in which it impacts people. This might cover a specific climate policy, a controversy within the scientific community or a new law, for example.
  • Profile: Some people make a very big difference in the fight against climate change. They want to hear their story. Think about an environmental defender, a climate policy leader or a scientist working on an important breakthrough.

Why You Should Apply

They pay 150 EUR for each freelance story. This takes into account original photos and adapting the story for their Climate Weekly newsletter.

Who Can Apply?

  • Open to young journalists with stories on climate change;
  • Applicant may be from anywhere in the world.

How To Apply

The following information should be included in your pitch:

  • Name, age and country
  • Working title: Send a preliminary title for your story. This will help you and them to picture what it will be about.
  • Story summary: 200 words max!
  • Sources and interviews: Let them know if you have any interviews already confirmed, or if you think you have a good chance at securing one for your story.
  • Story type and length: Please tell them what kind of story type you have in mind.
  • They also recommend limiting the story between 800 – 1200 words depending on the type of story.
  • (Bonus) Previous publications: If you have published stories before, send a link to them. This is not a requisite to publish your story.

You can send your pitches to their Editor-in-chief, Sebastién Rodriguez, at the email: sebastian@climatetracker.org. They will review your pitch and get back to you!

Visit Climate Tracker for more information.

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