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Funding for African Health and Well-being Projects

Deadline: November 8th, 2021

The Call for Health and Well-being Innovators from the Coopen Project, aims to identify innovators that active either in Italy or Africa, and who have developed solutions tackling one of the following 7 challenges:

  1. Promote the training of qualified medical and healthcare personnel
  2. More efficient medical instruments and devices
  3. Maintenance of medical equipment and instruments
  4. Building of healthcare environments and infrastructures
  5. Collection and management of the clinical data
  6. Access to treatment and communication
  7. Prevention across local communities and vulnerable groups

The call will identify up to 15 teams of innovators that will then showcase their 3-6 Technology Readiness Level innovations to civil society organisations (CSOs) in a Demo Day in January 2022. Up to 7 teams will be selected to partner with Italian CSOs and integrate the use of their proposed innovative solutions into the CSOs’ projects.

Each CSO leader will receive 90,000 euros to cover the costs faced by the CSO and the partner innovator to develop a joint project where the innovator’s solution will be tested and integrated into the CSOs’ activities.

Innovators must either be African people or organisations working in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, or an Italian entity willing and ready to operate in those countries.

Visit Coopen Funding for more information.

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