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Freiraum Festival & Summit: Open Call For Online Artistic Interventions.

Freiraum Festival & Summit invites young, emerging and established artists from around the world to contribute to the overall discussion on ‘the day after’ and to the exploration of new formats, with short, standalone works -video, sound, performance or other experimental formats- that will be presented as part of the online Summit. ​

About The Freiraum Festival & Summit

The Freiraum Festival & Summit is a collaborative event taking place simultaneously in the physical and digital worlds. Μore than 20 institutions around Europe join forces to explore, reflect and react to the recent global crisis, that has accelerated and uncovered the urgency of the challenges of our time.

Freiraum Platform’s thematic focus on the state of Freedom in Europe today is seen through the perspective of the latest developments: we explore “the day after”. Spread around Europe, partner institutions organise local events addressing issues particular to their physical localities and audiences, while they also engage with global audiences in a 3-days online summit -a decentralised, live-streamed programme of talks, discussions and artistic interventions. There, they discuss critical issues connected to the global situation, together with established thinkers from different disciplines. The themes are connected to The State of Freedom in Europe (the ongoing biopolitical democrisis and the emergence of social movements and solidarities), and the State of the Arts (new formats and audiences).

The programme is built on the intersection of the physical and the digital worlds, which are now, more than ever before, constituting our new public sphere. The Summit format itself is an attempt to explore the tension and the emerging possibilities in-between the two areas. To that end, the live-stream will combine a mobile live-editing studio and a teleconference platform, seeking to provide a meaningful, live experience, enabling true interaction, even while physically distancing. 

In This Framework, The Works Should

Art Works Specifications

– engage with the summit themes (State of Freedom in Europe today: biopolitical demorcisis, social movements, emerging solidarities; State of the Arts: new formats and audiences); 
– be live or recorded;
– take into account that they will be presented and experienced online on possibly multiple devices (computer screens, tablets, smartphones);  
– interact, if possible, with the online audience, that will be participating through zoom.
– Performative interventions may take into account that Freiraum members/partners can participate/contribute as participants in the performance. 
– Overall, artists are encouraged to experiment with mediums and formats.

Duration: 1- 3 mins maximum
Suggested mediums: video, sound, performance or other – artists are encouraged to experiment with mediums and formats.
Fee: the selected works will receive an honorarium of 200 euros. 
Production and technical support: the organisation will make efforts to assist the artists with technical aspects of their production. Minimum production costs may be covered, after discussion with the individual artists – however this is not guaranteed. 

Deadline for proposals: September 20
Submission: please use the form below
Selection: made by the Freiraum Festival & Summit Curatorial Team by September 25
Deadline for the final work – in case proposal is selected: 15 October

For more information and Application click here

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