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Gallery Without Walls Public Art Exhibition [$21,000]

Deadline: November 30th, 2021

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is pleased to invite artist submissions of up to three works of art per artist to be considered for outdoor public display in Lake Oswego’s nationally recognised, award-winning outdoor Gallery Without Walls exhibition. In its twenty second year, this program’s mission is to integrate art into the daily lives of local residents and visitors to the community by presenting works from regional, national, and international artists that resonate with people of diverse backgrounds.

Artists can submit completed works as well as proposals for new works to be completed by installation in August of 2022. Artwork will be on display throughout the downtown business district for a two-year exhibition period starting in the summer of 2022 and ending in the summer of 2024. Submissions will be evaluated by a Selection Committee based upon the overall quality and merit of the submitted art works. Submissions from emerging, mid-career, and established artists, as well as collaborations or teams of artists are encouraged. We seek works of a variety of media including sculpture, new media, projections, and murals, and encourage proposals that engage, educate, and inspire the community. Submissions of artwork that has been created within the last three years is highly encouraged.

Why You Should Apply

  • Up to fifteen artists, with one artwork each will be chosen by the Selection Committee to display in Lake Oswego. 
  • Selected artists will be awarded an honorarium of $1000.
  • Selected artists are also eligible for an annual People’s Choice purchase award of up to $20,000 (with a 30% gallery fee).
  • Selected artists are invited to attend the annual Gallery Without Walls Celebration in September. This is a community celebration premiering the new sculptures and recognising our artists and all who support this wonderful program.
  • Selected artists will enter into a two-year contract with the City of Lake Oswego for the exhibition loan period.
  • During the exhibition period, works will be available for sale with a 30% gallery fee, if sold, paid to the Arts Council. Sold artworks must remain on display for the contracted exhibition period.

The Exhibition is Organised With the Following Goals in View:

  • Display quality art work suitable for public display in a downtown, outdoor setting
  • Support artists in showing their work to new audiences
  • Display art that contributes to the sense of pride in our community
  • Strengthen and sustain our nationally recognized GWW program

Exhibition Logistics

Artworks are generally displayed on concrete plinths of varying sizes and locations. There are options (while limited) for earth mounting works in a park or greenspace, as well as utilizing building facades for proposed murals, projections, or similar. A limited number of plinth locations have electrical capability. Selected artists will be notified of their anchoring/display method in May. Please indicate in your application your preferred method of display, if your artwork requires electricity, or if you have an idea that is not listed. The Arts Council will work with individual artists on display solutions within our capability.

Upon installation and during the two-year exhibition period, the City will maintain liability insurance to cover any damages, should they occur. It is the artist’s responsibility to deliver and be present (or send a representative) for installation and de-installation of the work. Artwork cannot be shipped as there are no available vehicles, storage space, or staff for this purpose.

Who Can Apply?

  • This Call for Art is open to all African public art artists worldwide.
  • The Arts Council reserves the right to reject work that, upon delivery, differs from the original proposal, or does not meet standards of durability, safety and quality. 
  • Artists in the current 2021-2023 GWW exhibition are ineligible to apply (artists cannot have more than one artwork on display); we encourage you to apply next year.

Selection Criteria

Submissions and proposals will be selected by committee consisting of Arts Council Board members, community members, and artists. We encourage innovative ideas and diverse use of media/materials. Criteria for jurying submissions and proposals may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Detail and completeness of application/proposal
  2. Overall aesthetic of artwork or proposed artwork
  3. Appropriateness for public display
    • must be of suitable scale
    • must be able to withstand the elements and normal wear and tear experienced by public art in an outdoor setting
    • be able to withstand pedestrian contact and interaction  
  4. Safety
  5. If proposal, artist demonstrates/provides evidence of ability to follow through for fabrication and meet deadlines
  6. Tourism and marketing potential

How to Apply

The following MUST be included in your application FOR EACH PIECE to be considered:

  • Concept/artist statement for proposed piece (at least 100 words)
    • What is the inspiration for the piece (s)?
  • If proposal, how will you accomplish the proposed piece?
  • Photos/drawings/sketches/renderings (must be in digital form) of artwork/proposed artwork
  • Artwork information for each piece:
    • Title
    • All materials/media included
    • Dimensions
    • Colour
    • Weight (if sculpture, of entire sculpture)
    • Date of creation
    • Exhibition history
    • Base
      • Material
      • Length, width, height (to make sure we can fit it appropriately for display)
    • Additional features or requirements, i.e. do you need electricity (for projection, lighting, etc.), if new media or requiring electricity, include in your proposal how it is displayed
  • Price
  • Resume/CV (if team, one for each team member)
  • Previously completed works including public art
  • Artist website and/or social media

Submit complete applications, as a single PDF, titled [FirstName_LastName.pdf] to: sgjohnson@lakeoswego.city, subject line “Application for GWW 2022.”

Visit Gallery Without Walls for more information.

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