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Global Mentorship Conference for African Youths 2021

Date: October 16th, 2021

With half of Africa’s population under the age of twenty-five, it is impossible to gainsay that Africa is the world’s largest reservoir of youths. However, the huge potential of global domination that comes with this abundance of youths has not been reached. Frankly speaking, we have barely scratched the surface. To even begin with, most of these youths are unemployed: Africa has a youth unemployment rate of 77%. This is partly due to a lack of quality education; around 89 million youth are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa. Interestingly, there are about 25 million unemployed graduates in Nigeria alone.

This means that the problem is not limited to lack of education, but extends to lack of clarity and direction, lack of information and exposure, lack of soft skills, and lack of technical skills.

This conference has thus been designed to give African youths clarity and enlighten them about the vast opportunities available to them, the skills they need to acquire to compete favourably to secure these opportunities, where those skills can be acquired, and how these opportunities can be utilised for their development and that of Africa/Globe.  

Hence, the theme of this global conference is “Unleashing the potential of African Youth to become Sustainability Champions & Global Citizens”.

The goal of this “by and for youth” conference is to provide group mentoring to 50,000 African youths via this conference. We hope to set a tone that centres around CLARITY, DIRECTION, MENTORSHIP, SOFT/LIFE SKILLS and NETWORKING at this conference.

Why You Should Apply

Among the numerous things you stand to gain at this conference are:

  • Clarity with what you can do globally with what you have locally
  • Support, and mentorship from seasoned global leaders
  • Gaining a new network of African youths with like-minds
  • Clarity with what you can do with what you have
  • Understanding how to access global opportunities such as scholarships, grants, innovation labs, etc.
  • Education about the Sustainable Development Goals and how to harness them to win global opportunities

Who Can Apply?

The conference is open to youths across Africa seeking direction and clarity around life, career, skills to acquire, how to arrive at the global stage, etc.

Visit iTrain Africa Youth Conference for more information.

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