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Goethe-Institut Singapore : AUSSICHT Support Fund for Artists and Organisations in Singapore (funding Worth s$8,000).

Application for AUSSICHT Support fund for artists, independent arts organisations and cultural practitioners based in Singapore is ongoing.

AUSSICHT* is a new support fund by the Goethe-Institut Singapore. The fund is open to Singapore-based artists and practitioners. It aims to give support to those who value artistic innovation and experimentation with limited funding or limited access to funds. They welcome any practice which adds to the diversity of the Singapore art scene. Applications with an interest in projects demonstrating potential for inter- and transnational collaboration are preferred.

The awarded funds can be utilised for the applicants’ own independent artistic practice, for its further development or for a new creation, for research, critical and discursive cultural activities or process-based initiatives which foster intercultural dialogue and collaboration.


For each successful application, a funding of S$1,000 (min)  to S$8,000 (max) will be awarded.

This new support fund AUSSICHT has been set up following the international relief fund, which cycle has recently ended.

Assessment & Criteria

Each application will be assessed on the basis of the applicants’ practice and the quality of the application. The fund will be awarded at the discretion of Goethe-Institut Singapore. Relevant areas of consideration include:

• contemporary practice

• criticality of artistic or cultural practice

• project or context that serve discourse and (new) networking

• sustainability and long term exploration and development

• feasibility of proposal 

• potential for inter- or transnational collaboration or coproduction


• Individuals, collectives or organisations in the arts and cultural field

• Living and practicing in Singapore for the last two years

• Proven need of financial support

• Financial loss or other negative impact due to the COVID pandemic

• Clear interest in inter- and transnational artistic or cultural collaboration

How to apply

• They would like to learn more about you, your practice, and what drives you as an artist or arts organisation. Please write a statement about your practice (+/- 1,000 words), your intentions and long term goals, and finally, what you hope to achieve with the funds. Please include what your project and developmental plans are, how to realise them, and any steps and progress already made.

• You may include research material in a separate file to support your application

• CV, biography and/or extended information about all practitioners or partners involved

• A proposed timeline for the development of the project

• An example of your work or project, and a short description of it. You can provide an online portfolio, video, image, or any form of excerpt/draft if the work is unrealised, but you should select something specific that you think demonstrates your work.

• All documents should be in submitted in English.

Timeline And Further Conditions

Applications will be assessed and funds disbursed on a rolling basis until November 2020. An early application is recommended. We seek for your understanding that only a limited number of applicants can be considered. Please note that the recipient will have to sign an agreement with the Goethe-Institut Singapore in order to receive the funds.

Please email your complete application to Valerie-Ann.Tan@goethe.de

For more information visit AUSSICHT Support Fund .

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