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Call for Outdoor Public Art – Josephine Sculpture Park

Deadline: October 20th, 2021

Arts Downtown is a multifaceted, national juried exhibition in historic downtown Frankfort, KY curated by the Josephine Sculpture Park and Franklin County Arts Council (Frank Arts). Frank Arts seeks to connect, engage and instill an appreciation for art throughout the Frankfort/Franklin County community. The group’s mission is to use public art to create vibrant spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy and to encourage economic development.

Frankfort Sculpture Trail is a curated exhibition of outdoor sculpture displayed throughout the heart of downtown Frankfort. Frankfort is the capital of KY,  a small town with a population of 50,000. Frankfort is conveniently located within 80 miles of Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati, OH and draws over 300,000 visitors each year.  The Sculpture Trail is a collaboration between FrankArts, Josephine Sculpture Park, the City of Frankfort, and Frankfort Tourism Commission. Over the next 2 years, the Trail will highlight over 25 sculptures, including pieces from private and permanent collections. Up to 15 of the sculptures will be on loan from selected artists and on display for 2 years. This is an opportunity for artists to showcase and sell their creations, while enhancing the cultural environment of Frankfort. 


There is no specific theme, however, artwork should be physically and thematically suitable for exhibition in public spaces throughout Frankfort, KY.  Sculptures will be placed in both city spaces/sidewalks as well as in public parks and walking trails.

We encourage proposals that show creativity as well as a broad range of appeal to the general public.  We are looking for works that capture attention and engage the public. We encourage artwork that is whimsical, kinetic, eye-catching, sound-making and/or physically interactive in some way, including art that you can sit on, climb into, photograph yourself inside, etc. 

Why You Should Apply

Sculpture Trail will bring significant exposure for participating artists. Artists are encouraged to sell their sculptures during the exhibition period, but it is not a requirement. Participating sculptures will receive widespread marketing including photos in a print brochure as well as online websites and social media. Each sculpture will have a sign indicating the title, medium, artist, and contact information for purchasing artwork, if applicable. The Josephine Sculpture Park will handle all sales and retain a 30% commission for any sculpture purchased during the exhibition. Every effort will be made to promote sales.  

All artists whose works are installed will receive an artist stipend of up to $2,000 per sculpture: $1,000 upon delivery to the site in Frankfort and $1,000 upon removal. Sculptures that are sold during the exhibition will not be awarded the $1,000 removal stipend.  

In addition to the stipend, all selected artists are eligible to be reimbursed for up to $500 in actual expenses related to shipping/delivery of the sculpture to Frankfort.  

Prizes will be awarded as follows in Fall 2022:

  • $1,000 Best of Show
  • $500 People’s Choice Award

Who Can Apply

This Call for Art is open to all artists 18 and over. Proposals can be new or existing work. If existing, work must have been created within the past 3 years. Artists working in a variety of materials are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to stone, metal, wood, concrete, found objects, natural materials, plastics, fiberglass, light, sound, etc. Artists must be able to adhere to the project timeline. A certificate of general liability insurance is necessary for all selected artists, proof of which will be required upon signing the Exhibit Contract. 

Submission Requirements

  1. Current CV/resume.
  2. Artist Statement limited to 1 page.
  3. 2-4 images of the art to be considered for this exhibition, showing all sides of the work. Showing the scale of the work is helpful.
  4. Sculpture information which includes:  title, date created, material, size, (height, width, depth), weight, special installation requirements, value of sculpture, selling price, and an artist’s statement about the specific piece.
  5. If the sculpture has sound or light components and/or is kinetic, artist can email a max of 1 short video to: franklinartsky@gmail.com. No more than 3 min. is preferred.

Art Requirements

  • Art must be suitable for a hands-on outdoor exhibition in a public space.
  • Art must be a minimum of 4’ in at least one direction and no taller than 20’.
  • Art must be ready for installation in Frankfort KY by December 2021 and will remain on exhibit for 2 years. Sculptures will be de-installed October 2023, exact dates TBD.
  • Art must be able to be installed in a manner with sufficient anchoring to prevent the sculpture from being removed, tipped, broken or overturned due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Art must be maintenance free for the duration of the two-year exhibition.
  • All art must be an original creation by the artist.
  • Works of art shall not create inordinate safety problems or liability problems for the general public, the Franklin County Arts Council or the City of Frankfort.

How to Apply

Artists may submit up to 3 works for consideration. Each sculpture must be submitted as a separate entry through the CaFÉ website.

Please direct all questions or requests for assistance to:

Josie Kirker, Arts Consultant


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