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Sculpture Competition for Africans and Saudi Arabians | Nofa Events

Deadline: November 15th, 2021

“Every block of stone has a ststue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” – Michelangelo.

In show of solidarity with African and Saudi sculptors, Nofa Resorts has announced its first open-call competition for outdoor sculpture installations that will be distributed on 6 locations within the boundaries of the resorts, 3 of which will be placed inside the African Resort for African participation and 3 will be distributed on the Equestrian and the Golf Resort for GCC country , Iraq, Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian and Yemeni participation.

By sponsoring this open competition Nofa Events aims to support GCC country, Iraq, Lebanese, Palestinian , Jordanian and Yemeni and African artist and also add to the beauty and aesthetic value of Nofa Resorts

Nofa Sculpture Competition is divided into two categories:
➜ Beauty in Motion – Open to all artists of Saudi nationality.
➜ Visions of Africa – Open to all artists of African countries.

One site selection and one competition entry is permitted per individual in both competitions. Entries must be original work of the artists especially designed for competition. Replicated works are prohibited.

Note! Registration deadline is 15th November, 2021, but you can submit your project until 30th November, 2021.

Submission Requirements:

➜ Description Essay: To briefly describe the artwork, concept, the design, and explanation of how the sculpture fits with the objective of the competition

➜ Creative abstract expression is required, realistic imagery/drawing will be disqualified.

Material Rules

➜ Materials selection for the installation are restricted to locally available materials. Pictures and Cost of materials are made available on the competition website.
➜ Artist/s is free to express the concept in any material or combination of materials as long as the total material cost is within the budget stipulated.
➜ Artist/s has to calculate quantity of materials with unit cost provided and keep to budget stipulated.

Evaluation Criteria:

➜ Clear and powerful concept
➜ Visually striking as approached via – car, walking or from stationery lookout
➜ Clarity of drawings
➜ Ease of construction and soundness of structure
➜ Adherence to budget via creativity
➜ Use of lighting at night and natural light by day
➜ Can provide soft landscape solutions – and recommendations WITH the installation design.
➜ Art design will be judged on originality and creativity, including structural soundness and budget compliance.

The date of the ceremony is yet to be announced and the site of the ceremony will feature a complete competitive nature with designs to be displayed in a unique and distinctive way that highlights the work of artists across the venue. The First, Second and Third place winners will be invited to Nofa for the Award Ceremony (Subject to travel permits due to Covid).


Artists participating in either category can work individually or in teams, maximum 5 members.


The 1st Prize winner of a both categories will receive 4,000$, the 2nd Prize winner will receive 2,000$, the 3rd Prize winner will receive 1,000$, the 4 honorable mentions will receive 500 $ each.

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