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Toyota Logistics Design Competition 2022

Deadline: October 19th, 2021

Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2022 is asking you to get your head around the enormous issues involved in urban micro logistics, suggest ways of dealing with the rising problems, as well as improve expediency. The stumbling blocks we’re up against when it comes to urban logistics are many and variegated. For one thing, cities are getting more and more congested, so cars are increasingly banned in city centres. This move is also a way of combating pollution.

Shorter supply chains, greater precision, more flexibility.

The team would like to hot up the flow of goods in urban environments. Iron out the wrinkles. For businesses and private individuals alike. What they certainly don’t want is more congestion and a deteriorating environment. They want smooth, fast, and flexible management of an ever-increasing sea of goods. How do they get goods into the city? How do they get them to delivery points that will shorten supply chains? Managing tomorrow’s staggering number of deliveries calls for more flexible systems. More collaboration. Micro mobility integrated with micro logistics is one way of looking at it.

This year’s theme is urban micro logistics. Toyota Logistic Competition 2022 would like you to think of ways of dealing with the ever-increasing sea of goods hitting our cities. The staggering number of deliveries needs new and better solutions. Integrating micro logistics with micro-mobility is one way of looking at it.

Why You Should Apply

  • First prize: €5,500
  • Second prize: €3,300
  • Third prize: €2,200

Focus Areas

  • How to Deliver: Vehicle and Product Solutions for Urban Micro-logistics.
  • What to Deliver: Packaging and Good Organisation Solutions to Keep Things in Order.
  • Where/When to Deliver: A System-based, Business Case Approach to Keep All Things Flowing Nicely.
  • Who Will Deliver: An App or Service-based Proposal to Help Navigate the Sea of Parcels.

These areas can, of course, be mixed and matched to enrich and provide added value to your submission.

Who Can Apply?

  • This competition is open to university design students and recent graduates (2021) of an accredited university.
  • Applicants can apply individually or in teams of up to three members. We encourage multi-disciplinary teams.
  • When competing as a team, pick a team leader who will be responsible for the registration and all communication regarding this challenge.
  • Although the competition is focused on industrial design, product design, transportation design and interaction design, students with a background in business, fashion, engineering, architecture etc. are also encouraged to submit their work.
  • Only participants, who belong to an accredited undergraduate or graduate university programme, or recent graduates (2021), are eligible to participate in the competition. Proof of enrolment (or graduation) will be requested of all finalists.

Selection Criteria

With the world and people’s needs undergoing accelerated change, traditional design submissions are simply not going to be enough. Below are the judging criteria on which your work will be assessed.

  • Toyota heritage and brand.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Sensitivity to the environment, the community and the local economy.
  • Safety and user-friendliness.
  • Innovation and usefulness.
  • Realistic to implement.

Information about Toyota, philosophy, heritage and brand is available on the About Toyota webpage.

How to Apply

Submissions should consist of the following:

  • Concept title (finalist entry will be viewable by the public).
  • Concept image to represent your solution (finalist entry will be viewable by the public).
  • A short description of the concept, max 150 words (finalist entry will be viewable by the public).
  • File containing the detailed description of the design concept in PDF, max 4 pages.
  • Optional: file containing video or animations of the concept and design.

Your file submission should adhere to the following rules:

  • Surprise our judges with a visual concept that demonstrates quality and clarity throughout your design. Make sure you incorporate the feedback you received from the jury and pay attention to the judging criteria.
  • The work should be presented in A3 landscape layout and include a detailed description of the concept in English.
  • Only one entry per participant/team is accepted. Each participant/team can register only once.
  • For team entries, members must nominate a leader and contact person. The team leader is responsible for sharing the prize with other team members.
  • We encourage participants to form cross-discipline teams representing areas such as business, UX design, industrial design, transport design, architecture, town planners…
  • Remember, presentation counts – entries that are presented professionally will have a clear advantage. Written explanations should be typewritten, and sketches should be clearly identified and explained.
  • Submissions must be the applicant’s/applicants’ own creation, must not be in production and must not have been previously published or exhibited.

Visit Toyota Logistics Challenge for more information.

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