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$10,000 per month for YouTube Content Creators

Are you a Wirker (Black Creative) in the Media industry? Do you create audio-visual content for entertainment, education, marketing or any other industry? Are you in search of financial fulfillment?

If your answer to any of these is yes, keep scrolling; Wirkish gat you!

What’s going on? YouTube wants to start paying some YouTube Shorts creators $10,000 monthly. 

What’s YouTube Shorts? YouTube Shorts is, in simple terms, TikTok on YouTube. It’s a feature that allows you to scroll through short videos. It was launched in the US in March as America’s response to TikTok.

So you earn $10k monthly for being a creator? Not so fast. According to The Verge, monthly payments will be made, but this is not guaranteed. YouTube has terms and conditions for eligible creators.

Terms and conditions? Yes, your videos need a certain number of views. Without stating the number of views required for eligibility, YouTube said it would be based on how widely used the feature is.

Based on viewership, creators can earn between $100 and $10,000. The videos also need to be original, meaning you cannot make a video on TikTok and post it on YouTube.

This is part of YouTube’s $100 million Shorts fund that will be paid to creators throughout next year. However, the video streaming platform will start the first round of payments this month.

Sign me up! The payout is only available in ten countries for now. The good news is Per Variety, the countries are the Nigeria, South Africa, US, UK, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, Indonesia and Brazil.

Short-form Videos: YouTube isn’t the only platform with short-form videos. TikTok started it in 2017 before Instagram rivalled it with Reels, and Snapchat with Spotlight.

What does this mean? We might see some cross-carpeting. Perhaps, TikTok creators may begin to turn to YouTube to get a piece of the $100 million.

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