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Bees Don’t Make Lemonade – Kitchen Gallery Exhibition

Deadline: September 23rd, 2021

This is an international show with limited places, organised in collaboration with Moseley Hive (Birmingham, United Kingdom). Launching on 14th October 2021, this exhibition has the purpose of transforming a monotone space into an energetic, alive environment by filling it with artworks, while exploring the potential of professional kitchen settings as a gallery space.

The displaying space consists of walk-in fridge shelves, metal plinths, kitchen shelves, kitchen counter, tables and toilet doors, toilets walls. Given the restricted space of a physical show, places are limited and artists are invited to submit one or more artworks that fit on an A4 paper (maximum 3 works). They can be either 2D or 3D as long as the work matches the specific dimensions.

The theme of this show does not focus on a specific subject matter. It can explore any concepts, issues or theories and be created using any kind of medium.

International Artists

If you do not live in the local area but still want to participate, we encourage you to do so. They will take a file of your work and get it printed for you to go in the exhibition. There will be no entry fee, but accepted entrants will be asked to pay a participation fee to cover printing costs and postage. They ask that all applicants pay this fee a week after acceptance. The fee will be £4, plus postage to your location after the exhibition.

Who Can Apply?

  • Applications are welcome from individual artists, group of artists, art collectives, etc. (must be at least 18 years old).
  • To maintain a high standard and an honest evaluation, the selection process is based on relevance to the show, quality, and artistic integrity.
  • They are looking for artists who demonstrate high potential and eminent creativity.

This exhibition will be professionally documented by our team and all the works will be part of a publication that will be printed shortly after the event.

How To Apply

  • Please note that the work can be sold through the exhibition. However, it can only be done via their Art Shop. Please contact us for more details about the selling process.
  • Please ensure that your images don’t contain any signatures (e.g. your business logo/ artist page name/your name), otherwise, they won’t be considered. All links and images must be sent before the deadline. The applicants will be notified via email within 7 days after the Open Call is closed if their work has been selected.
  • Please make sure you are as coherent as possible in this form and that your links work, and your images are of a high quality showing the work to its best advantage.
  • Also, please provide the dimensions of your work, as well as the weight in order to allocate an appropriate space for your work. However, if you want to display in a specific part of the kitchen, or toilets (limited, precious places), please mention it in your application, and they will do their best to match your requirements.

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