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Zuri & Ingressive For Good Remote Internship for Aspiring Techies

Deadline: August 15th, 2021

HNG Internship is a long running, large scale virtual internship for people learning to code and design. It focuses on the post-training phase, and creates a virtual work environment for participants.

The Internship is designed to surface the very best of candidates out of a large pool of participants. It is fast paced and challenging, and helps people learn how to work in teams, deal with pressure and quickly expand their knowledge.

Why You Should Apply

The internship is a fun-filled experience that runs like a game, you’ll definitely come out better, even if you’re unable to complete the program.

These are the tracks available in the program:

  • Frontend Development: In the client side track, participants are required to have prior knowledge of basic web languages, and most popular frameworks and libraries (HTML | CSS | JavaScript | ReactJS).
  • Backend Development: The backend program consists of industry most popular languages. This allows you explore your options and makes it easier for you to get your dream job (NodeJS | PHP | Go | Python).
  • UI/UX Design: Zuri only allows a very limited number of participants join the UI/UX track. However, you’ll get a chance to switch to another track mid program (Figma).
  • Mobile Development: We do cross platform development using Flutter. You should already have basic skills and the computer to develop mobile applications (Dart | Flutter).
  • Digital Marketing: The digital marketing track has very little design and no coding at all, but participants will be required to show results (SEO | Analytics).

Benefits upon completion include access to Zuri network comprising of past finalists, improving your portfolio (via the product/project you worked on), access to job opportunities and occasional stipends depending on performance during the internship.

Who Can Apply?

Anybody can apply. The Internship itself focuses on participants with prior experience either by going through the training phase, or self learning. However, if you have no prior experience, you’re still encouraged to apply – you’ll learn a lot from the experience.

  • If you have prior coding or design skills / knowledge
  • If you are a professional looking to connect with others
  • If you are looking for a challenge

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